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MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management

MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Message from the head of the department

Dear students and Parents, With great pleasure, I would like to introduce you to the Daffodil Institute of IT, Department of Tourism and Hotel Management. It is an honour for me to extend a warm welcome to you as the leader of a tourism and hospitality education sector that is committed to achieving excellence and consistently setting the highest standards. We had our modest beginnings in the city of Dhaka eight years ago with a handful of pupils, and since then we have travelled quite a distance. It is a department whose alumni are successful hoteliers and entrepreneurs in the field of Tourism and Hospitality, not only in Dhaka but all across the globe. Now, DIIT is a pleasant recollection of their pride; it is a department whose graduates are successful in the field of Tourism and Hospitality Management. We have a commitment to giving education to our students in the form of empowering them with knowledge, self-assurance, and a constructive outlook, as well as fostering their all-around growth. Not only does the division consistently and persistently encourage students to strive for academic success, but it also urges them to take part in departmental activities. In many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. At DIIT, we foster creativity, enthusiasm, resiliency, and leadership traits by providing an atmosphere that is welcoming to all students and cantered on their needs. We place a strong emphasis on the students' development of positive attitudes from the moment they begin their studies at DIIT, with the goal of producing global compititors who are empathic and aware. They mature into the best tourism and hospitality workers, fully armed with strong information; in addition, we assist in the development of an individual so that they not only become a leader but also participate actively in a team. Each member of our team consistently works on improving their own unique strengths, while also instructing students in cutting-edge methods, trends, and skills from across the world. It is the first time that DIIT will be providing a bachelor’s degree from a national university, which is now rated top in Bangladesh in terms of both the number of students and the quality of education. So, this is the first time in Bangladesh that DIIT will be granting the two degrees a 4 year BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management degree and a 1-year MBA in Tourism and Hotel Management degree. Both degrees will be offered from national university in Bangladesh. DIIT is a world-class hospitality and tourism department with inexpensive cost structure in your own nation. We have state-of-the-art facilities, so you may learn from the best. As a result of our unceasing efforts to modernize and improve in all aspects, our students have access to instruction and education of the highest possible calibre. Because of our association with National University, we are unable to make any concessions regarding the quality of the education and training we provide. DIIT is proud to have faculty members that are not only highly qualified but also have extensive and reputable experience working in the hotel and tourismm industries on both a national and worldwide scale. Once again, I'd like to thank you for selecting DIIT; the next exciting step in your adventure starts right now. I can say with certainty that you are about to embark on some of the most enjoyable, fruitful, and significant years of your whole life. In the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management here at the Daffodil Institute of IT, I would like to personally extend a warm welcome to you! Thank you.

Mohammad Badruddoza Talukder

Associate Professor & Head of the Department

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