Career Opportunities in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

  • Date : Nov. 30, 2019

“Career Opportunities in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality”


Travel and tourism is not a new concept in current world. Thousands of years ago people became familiar with travel and tourism trade but were not only formal structured in this trade. After few years of the ending of world war, two travel and tourism industry got new dimension for inventing commercial aircraft. Commercial flight operation makes the world a small village. Within very short time aviation sector has created a new history for spreading global tourism market. Finally we have gotten today’s travel and tourism industry through the huge development of airlines and aviation industry.

What could be the future scenery of Bangladesh travel and tourism industry and is there any scope to build career as tourism and hospitality professional, how young generation can engage with travel and tourism trade, is there any job security for professionals? All the above hidden questions make the young people worried, As a result the young students of tourism and hospitality do not feel interest to choose career in Tourism and Hospitality sectors. There are a lot of reasons to think about all the mentioned matters because Bangladesh tourism industry is not matured enough. It’s like a new born baby which is just growing up. There is huge opportunity in Bangladesh tourism however it’s not creating enough job sectors for fresh the graduates.Government tries to flourish this sector as well as creating job opportunity for tourism students by initiating some tourism related projects. Such as- Sabrang exclusive tourist zone, Jajia char project, Bangabondhu Island project, Sonadia Island Project and so on.

Most of the Tourism and Hospitality Management students are concerned about their career in Tourism and Hospitality industry. Exactly they have no clear idea about career path in tourism sector. Firstly, I want to say “What is tourism and travel”? Tourism is sum of all activities that arising out from travel and stay of tourists and Travel is any types of journey. Transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, attraction and entertainment are four pillars of tourism. Above mentions companies make travel and tourism industry. This industry will provide thousands of jobs opportunities to young tourism students.

Aviation and airlines will offer you most prestigious job in this sector such as- airport service, ground operation, GSA service, customer service, sales and marketing ,ticketing executive, cabin crew and air hostage. More than 27 airlines are directly operating their commercial flights from Bangladesh. Ticketing and tour packaging travel agency and tour operator will offer you job opportunity and handsome salary in this sector. Many of the students can make their career in education and training sector as lecturer, teacher, Instructor, and trainer. Hotel and lodging properties are providing a large number of jobs in different sections like front office, sales and marketing, housekeeping, food and beverage, security and travel desk. There are more than 10 five star international chain hotels are operating their business in Bangladesh. Event management firms are increasing day by day in Bangladesh. Besides, Resort management and job opportunities in Resorts are being created now-a-days as there are more than 56 resorts in Bangladesh. Government takes special concentration in tourism and hospitality related jobs in both public and private sectors where tourism and hospitality management students will get special consideration.

For developing professionalism in this sector government are continuing training and development related project for students such as ILO TVET project, BTEB-NTVQF tourism training project, ISC tourism training and BPC & BTB tour guiding and so on. In the next five years more than 2 lacks job opportunities will be created from Bangladesh travel and tourism sectors. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) reported in 2015 that the travel and tourism industry in Bangladesh directly generated 0.903 million jobs in 2014 or 1.6 percent of the country’s total employment, which ranked Bangladesh 157 out of 178 countries worldwide. Direct and indirect employment in the industry totaled 1.98 million jobs, or 3.6 percent of the country’s total employment. The WTTC predicted that by 2025, travel and tourism will directly generate 1 million jobs and support an overall total of 2.5 million jobs, or 4.1 percent of the country’s total employment. Travel and tourism is not only offering you job in home but also in abroad.

Md. Shaifullar Rabbi


Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management

Daffodil Institute of IT

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