About Camp for life

We are excited about growing people to be more confident, more courageous, and more self-assured. We want to transform lives through our exciting, age appropriate, affordable, and highly relevant processes and camps. At Camp For Life, we want to create growth opportunities that significantly impact personal, team and leadership development. We wish to focus on providing specialist, experiential learning opportunities and support to leaders at all levels of development.










Camp for life's timeline

November 2018

Abdullah Al Alamin proposed about "Camp For Life" as picnic alternative. But we have decided to do something extraordinary. So we choose "Camp For Life" which is a real life based leading program and necessary part of every student’s life. But we were confused about it.

December, 2018

We have decided to make a proposal so that we can show it to our honorable Principal Sir and then he had accepted our proposal for 2 days camp.
We have got confirmation from our principal sir. Because it’s a very challenging program for us as it has too many difficulties.

January, 2019

We tried to find few sponsors to make our program better for all. We told students about our program and got a good response from them. We arrangeed a board meeting with Dr. Md. Sabur Khan Sir.
Date: 12 Jan, 2019
We had started our work about committee formation, camp activities, created registration team, promotion Team, food management team, sponsors manage team,
Date: 13 Jan, 2019
We had started promoting our program. Started practice for Cultural part. We had a meeting with Dr. Sabur Khan Sir .
Abdullah Al Alamin went to Cox’s bazar for their presentation about camp for life.

January & February, 2019

Date: 17 Jan, 2019
We had a meeting with Shibli Sir,
Date: 20 Jan, 2019
We got a few responses from our students, we had faced some difficulties in banner printing, also having some sponsors problem. Even the girl’s faced the problem from their guardian.
Date: 29 Jan,2019
The registration part started from 29 January. From the first period of registration the response of the students was not good enough. Our student was excited about the camp.
Date: 07 feb,2019
We have got 3 renowned sponsorships (DANCAKE,IGLOO and BOMBAY SWEETS). At the same time the venue was confirmed by our authority

Camp's Videos

Some moments we always cherish

Pre Activities

Day 2

Sponsors & Partners

They helped us to make the event possible.

Venue Information

All about the places,facilities etc.


Daffodil Internatioanl University (Permanent Campus). Datta Para, Chou Baria, Ashulia Model Town,
Savar, Dhaka.
Cell: 01833102806

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For transport facility we were allowed to use the buses of DIU and also we hired a few other buses.


The Foods of each day were supplied by the "Green Garden Restaurent"

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