• Date : Dec. 7, 2019


As a young manager, a working knowledge of coding certainly gives you an edge, as you are readily able to solve problems for your company as well as for your clients, particularly when the world of business is gradually moving into what is called the IoT or Internet of Things.

At its very core, coding enhances one's ability to think logically and rationally, and more importantly, systemically.

Sometimes, I would believe that the inordinate moments of playing with computer algorithms may even enhance your prevailing repertoire of skill sets as you are more likely to combine your detailed analysis with your aesthetic judgments, which are often innate.

Such a new found capability is always an asset for a manager working in today's complex and tumultuous world.

Let’s see how simple the learning process is. Do you remember once you learnt A,B,C….. and then words and then sentences and so on. The process of learning the computer language is similar. Here is an analogy between programming language and natural languages we write and speak.


The leaders had a MBA and Technical skills always. Here is a recent study.


And this is increasing every year. As a young manager, I consider that Technical Skill and Business Management Skill are both important to your career.  You also can improve two skills at the same time, because they are two different type of skill: technical skill is an objective knowledge that you can get it by reading books, by teaching and by exercises, management skill is subjective skill you can get it through the sense of action about management. In some situation, the management skill is more difficult, even though you already know all of knowledge about management, you also probably are not a good manager.
So, First of all, you need to know about the basic technology knowledge of your field. Such as understanding of computer system, design pattern, algorithm, program language, testing... You can get these knowledge from books, web pages, videos or other peoples. I have a good idea if you have not enough perfect knowledge, you must have the way that you can get the information that is you want. Such as with other people who know the knowledge or the search engine, or technology forum. Secondly, the management skill, you need more and more exercises and make sense from these exercises. You have only one way that is "action - think- action again- think again...".There are some ways that it can improve your management skill make you to be a standard manager. Such as studying psychology, organizational behavior, MBA courses. If you want to become a great manager, you also need a little talent of management.

So waiting for what! Yes the only thing one should have is the eagerness to learn and work with it. So we cannot confine anyone in any domain of learning. Every one inherently has so much potentiality. We only need to sharpen the inner talents and grow to the extent of usefulness.


Wish you a very happy journey in coding.


Prafulla Kumar Saha
Senior Lecturer

Dept. of CSE, DIIT

( The writer is a Computer Science Teacher. For any correspondence you may write to his mail: prafulla [email protected]

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